From the San Juan Update:

Join Bill & Rita Ament and more than 50 local island performers, children through adults (ages 2 on up) for their 30th annual Dance Happy extravaganza.

Be totally touched by the magic and color of the cutest Little Ones on stage for the very first time. Be charmed by the L’il Starz dancers as they Steal The Show. Go wild with the Big Starz as they tap to the Muppets and shake it up with Mr. Downtown. Boogie woogie in your seat to Hound Dog and get down with Celebration from the Super Starz. Go gaga over the colorful costumes and quick steps of Monarca. Wow yourself with the exotic Belly Dancer and feel the heat from our Zumba dancers. Get up and clap for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Plus, special guest stars: Annie & The Orphans. Lots of tapping, jazzing, hip hopping, ballet dancing, singing and entertaining. Featuring surprise special guest artists and more as you enjoy this outrageous family dance and song revue.

The traditional Dance Happy show is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, giggle, aah, ooh la la, smile, wiggle, wow, clap, cheer and be totally inspired!

Getting ready backstage!

A little time in the shade before marching in the Fourth of July Parade!



My daughters have both danced with Bill and Rita and they both loved the experience. Bill's enthusiasm for the kids and their dancing is a real joy and Rita's affection for them is palpable. The kids love all the positive feedback and encouragement and they just thrive.

As a parent it has been wonderful to watch the kids develop confidence and poise as well as the discipline to follow through from beginning to the finale on stage. This year I'm joining the Dance Happy family and I can't wait!
Penelope Haskew

I love working with Bill and Rita! They bring excitement and enthusiasm to their classes and to our stage. For over 30 years Bill & Rita have been giving heart and soul to bring dance into the lives of the kids and adults of our community. Bill's love of dance is contagious and when he's around we all start dancing.
Susan L. Williams - former Artistic Director of the San Juan Community Theatre