Endorsements: Bill & Rita's Summer Camp | Acknowledgements: Dance Happy

Endorsements: Bill & Rita's Summer Camp

"I am happy to endorse Bill and Rita's Summer Camp for children. My daughter attended the summer camp several years ago and also took dance lessons for at least three years. All of the experiences provided by Bill and Rita were and are filled with love, acceptance and lots of learning and laughter. There was singing, dancing, arts and crafts, field trips around the island, learning experiences and so much more. There was even a presentation at the end of the camp session. My daughter always had a smile on her face at the end of the day. Bill and Rita know how to find the strengths in children so that they feel important and successful."
Jo Sandwith, Friday Harbor Elementary School Teacher

"My identical twin daughters were just three years old when we took the long plane ride from Florida and spent our first summer on San Juan Island. We stumbled upon Rita And Bill's camp on a San Juan website, and enrolled them before we had even arrived. Much to our delight the girls LOVED their first week of camp; so much so that we signed them up for all the sessions that summer! It's now seven years later and Rita and Bill have become our extended family ... and the girls still can't wait for their week at summer camp."
Martha Ladner, Delray Beach, Florida

"Over the years, I look forward to Bill and Rita's call asking for a list of our Head Start children. Our children then receive scholarships for a week at summer camp. The joy on their faces is delightful. The parents of the children also feel so good about this wonderful week on our island beaches and at the lake.   Many of these children would not have this opportunity without this generous outreach from the community and from the Aments. I see the children later wearing their Indian shirts that they painted at camp with such pride. Thanks, Bill and Ritayou give children tremendous experiences in our island environment."
Tory Prescott, Former Director of San Juan Head Start

"My 9 year old granddaughter, Ashlee, has been attending Bill & Rita's Summer Camp each year since she was 4 years old. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and comes to visit me every summer. Just yesterday, she begged me to send her again this summer. No begging here, it is a GIVEN that she will again enjoy the wonderful gifts of laughter, nature, games, song, swimming, stories, crafts, and much more, including the individual attention that Bill and Rita's Summer Camp has to offer! Aslee thrives in the active environment. Rita, Bill and the camp counselors treat each camper with patience, understanding and kindness. The kids cannot wait for the next summer to experience this fantastic event again. We are blessed with Bill and Rita's presence and all they have to offer this island."
Diane Schach & Granddaughter, Ashlee Scannell

"Bill and Rita Ament have been bringing an annual high-quality dance program, Dance Happy, to our stage for many years. My pleasure in watching this performance is to see the joy and caring that the Aments bring to every student. It's wonderful to watch the dancer's development in technique, confidence and poise. They start as early as two-years-old and they continue as retirees. Performing should be fun first of all. Bill and Rita never forget this in everything they do. They are a pleasure to work with and a real asset in our community."
Merritt Olsen, Executive Director, San Juan Community Theatre

"There is nothing better than seeing the joy and lightness of children at play. It's a reminder of who we all are, or once have been. This is what you'll find at Bill & Rita's summer camp. The beauty of the San Juans, along with the playfulness of life, it's a gift to all. The kids love it!"
Connie Wargo, Photographer

Acknowledgements: Dance Happy

I have been dancing with Dance Happy for about 18 years, doing Country Line, Ballroom, Tap, Clogging and Zumba. The classes have been wonderful for me, not only because of my love of dancing and the exercise I get, but for the positive and joyful vibes that flow from both Bill and Rita as instructors.

I can be very tired at the end of the day, and not sure that I want to do anything at all, but I know that I will feel so much better and happier after doing one of the Dance Happy classes. When I leave their class I am energized, not only from head to toe, but in my soul as well.
Lynda Guernsey

My daughters have both danced with Bill and Rita and they both loved the experience. Bill's enthusiasm for the kids and their dancing is a real joy and Rita's affection for them is palpable. The kids love all the positive feedback and encouragement and they just thrive.

As a parent it has been wonderful to watch the kids develop confidence and poise as well as the discipline to follow through from beginning to the finale on stage. This year I'm joining the Dance Happy family and I can't wait!
Penelope Haskew

Our daughter, Vera, is starting her third year of Dance Happy with Bill and Rita Ament. From the beginning Creative class, Vera has looked forward to her weekly visit to the dance studio where she gets to move around, listen to music, and make new friends. We appreciate the opportunity dance has given her to exercise her memory as she learns choreographed dances, and learns respect with a teacher relationship other than in the classroom.

The dance year culminates with a performance, which, of course, comes with a sparkly costume, but more importantly is to see the teamwork amongst the dance class and the pride Vera has for her accomplishment. It is clear the focus for Dance Happy is joy and expression; it has been a positive experience and one that works in our budget as well.
Alisa and Scott Schoultz

Bill and Rita, thanks for the GREAT class! Our son is having so much fun that his brother and sister are signing up next year! Oh, and I am taking a class, as well. . . You guys sure know how to make people get out of their seats and off the couch!
Angelia Holmes

We are so blessed to have Mama Rita & Mr. Bill on this island we call home. They add so much color and sunshine to each and every day. Lila and Kaden have been Dancing Happy with the Ament's since before they could walk.

They have so much fun in classes and each year, when it's Show Time, their hard work, dedication and a newly found sense of confidence shines through. I have also experienced the joy of tap dancing with Bill – he transforms each class into a happy oasis where all you can do is smile, laugh and dance!
Jen Horn

I love working with Bill and Rita! They bring excitement and enthusiasm to their classes and to our stage. For over 30 years Bill & Rita have been giving heart and soul to bring dance into the lives of the kids and adults of our community. Bill's love of dance is contagious and when he's around we all start dancing.
Susan L. Williams - former Artistic Director of the San Juan Community Theatre

I just want to say how much I appreciate these two wonderful peeps. My daughter, Journey, has been in “Dance Happy”. This is her 3rd and a half year. She loves it. It's the most important thing to her. I've paid close attention the first couple of years to the communication and involvement of them with the children and they are genuinely involved with each and every child to each child's learning ability to include each child in a group performance.

This is a perfect display of unity and teaches the children many different skills from social to dance skills and everything in between. My daughter loves Bill and Rita Ament, like family, because that's the way they treat the children. . . . like one big family.

Thank you, Bill and Rita . . . Much love, Misty Rice.
Misty Rice